Design & Prototype

We are designing, qualifying, prototyping and validating military-grade electro-mechanical systems, units and harness design in many different scopes with compelling military conditions.We offer our design & prototype services to our customers in accordance with the project schedule, considering the balance of cost and performance.

In addition to our design service, we also offer consultancy services with our expert engineers, and selecting the equivalent materials in order to reduce costs. We also play a role as the solution and strategic partner of our customers in the supply chain for sub-materials of the projects.

Expert engineers are executing all harness design processes for Aselsan / SST sector for more than 10 years.

Mege Teknik also provides project-based harness design services to leading defense companies such as Roketsan A.S. and FNSS A.S.

We also provide unit & panel design services to Aselsan / SST sector.

In this context, more than 30 units have been designed and documented