Who Are We?

MEGE Teknik A.S., which was established in Ankara in 2001 by experienced engineers and technicians trained in the favorite establishments of the defense industry which is dedicated to meeting the needs of the defense industry. Our company, established with this awareness of duty, provides services in the fields of in-unit and inter-unit cable design, electro-mechanical design, prototype / serial production and integration, sense of mission to military standards and customer requirements.

As MEGE Teknik, our quality policy is to meet customer demands and expectations on time in accordance with military and special customer requirements.

The effective quality assurance program based on AS EN 9100:D and ISO-9001: 2015 quality systems forms the basis of our practices and is the most important factor in our success.

Our company, which has made its name known in the international market thanks to its sectorial experience of over 19 years, is proud of it and produces local and national products within the scope of R&D activities, and works without any time concept with its trained staff to present these products to the international market. Our company, which provides service in a closed and safety area with a total of 40 experienced engineers and 200 qualified technicians, will start to serve in a total area of ​​14.500m² with our new facility that will be completed in the second half of 2020.